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Tournament Rules

  1. This is a USBC sanctioned tournament; unattached USBC cards may be purchased on the day of the tournament.
  2. Entries close at 1:00pm on December 8, 2018.
  3. Teams shall consist of four sanctioned USBC Adult Members. Teams may be made up of any gender with player strength totaling 4. Teams will bowl 3 games, with total team score plus handicap being declared the winner. No cash will be given; all proceeds raised from the tournament will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers.
  4. Tournament is limited to the first 36 paid team entries.
  5. Entry Fee: Per Person  $20.00 ($9.00 Lineage, $10.00 Donation, $1.00 Exspense)
  6. Banner Sponsor Fee: $100.00 which is donated to the American Cancer Society!
  7. Handicap: The tournament will be handicapped 90% of 225.
  8. Averages: Average for this tournament will use last year’s (2017-2018) high USBC or Youth USBC book average with a minimum of 21 games. If no last years winter or spring average, then bowlers will use their current 2018-2019 average as of December 1, 2018. If no current average bowlers will bowl scratch. Bowlers without USBC Cards must purchase them prior to the tournament or on the day of the Tournament.
  9. Rules 319c, 319d, & 319e shall not apply.
  10. Any rule not covered here shall be covered by the 2018-2019 USBC Rule Book, and the discretion of the Tournament Directors.

For more info on any of these tournaments give us a call at (605) 343-5985


Quality Brands of the Black Hills

Relay for Life - American Cancer Society

Meadowood Lanes & Lounge

2018 Results

1st Place - Splash City (Dan Voss, JJ Steen, Allan Sitzler, Ben Morganfield) - Coats

2nd Place - The Repair Shop (Carter Banning, Marty Rugh, Evan Armstrong, Stan Gillespie) - Polo's

3rd Place - Victoria's Garden (Delilah Oerlline, Margie Carpenter, Sharon Popp, Kristy Larson) - Busch Light Coolers

4th Place - Horst Masonry (Sammi Moen, Jessica Groves, Joey Vanderpol, Tim Woods) Blue Point Coolers

5th Place - Bob's Diesel Service (Chris Tindall, Paul Halsrud, Jason Gorman, Bob Kindle) - Budweiser Folding Chairs


Approx $6300 Raised (Final Total to Come)

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